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Swamp Thing #7 Dec 1973 (copyright DC Comics)
Classic Swamp Thing by Len Wein / Berni Wrightson. The Swamp Thing visits Gotham & The Batman confronts him. Wrighton's Swamp Thing is one of the outstanding Comics of the 70s. great Stuff!
Creatures On The Loose # 17 May 1972. (Copyright Marvel Comics)
Gulliver Jones Warrior Of Mars by Roy "Conan" Thomas / Gill Kane. Kane's art is superb on this mediocre Fantasy character. Backup reprints in this issue include a Jack Kirby reprint - "Gargantus"
Where Monsters Dwell # 21 May 1973. (Copyright Marvel Comics)
Marvel Monster reprints, with a re-coloured Jack Kirby cover (which is really great) for the internal "Fin Fang Foom" Kirby story. Also other reprints. Fin Fang Foom is one of Marvel's most memorable Monsters - with great Jack "King" Kirby artwork.
Vault Of Evil #4 Aug 1973. (Copyright Marvel Comics)
Marvel Horror reprints with a new cover by Frank Brunner. Nice reprint stories with twists & a very moody style.
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